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Excellence vs. Perfection… Your athlete has a greater likelihood of becoming a high achiever and performer if he/she strives for excellence, instead of only focusing on winning or being perfect. Excellence is process oriented, and allows for failure, mistakes, and setbacks. It encourages learning, and finding the positives in the performance, rather than just in the outcome. Focusing only on perfection leads to frustration and stress filled performance. We believe this applies to any performance activity. - Proactive Coaching

Spring/Summer Practice Schedule


Indian Trail Middle School, 1440 East 151st Street, Olathe KS  66062

March 26 through May 28, 2018

Practice Days & Times 

Practice will occur on all scheduled days unless there is snow/ice, continuing heavy rain or lightning.  Athletes should arrive and begin warm-ups by 6:00PM.  All warm-ups must be completed by 6:15.  Practice will begin promptly at 6:15PM.  As the season progresses, we may adjust practice time if there is extreme heat.  Team website & Facebook page will be updated by 5:00PM in the event of changes/cancellations or you may call/text 913.706.6926.  Please ensure that your Athlete is picked up promptly at the end of each practice.

6:00P - 7:15P

Who can participate:  Elementary & MIddle/High School Athletes not participating in school track.  Middle/High School are welcome to join when their school season ends.

This phase of practice is considered Conditioning.  Athletes will learn the fundamentals of Track & Field and be exposed to Sprints, Middle Distance and Long Jump.

Beginning May 28, 2018 at Chisholm Trail Middle School

Monday - Thursday (no practice Memorial Day)

6:00PM - 7:45PM

Who can participate:  All athletes

This is the Competitive phase.  Athletes will work on specific competition events.  Practices are longer and more intense.  Not all events will practice each day.