Olathe Athletics Track Club is a member of and sanctioned by the USA Track & Field.  Olathe Athletics was established to promote fitness and sportsmanship for youth in the Olathe area and its surrounding communities.  Olathe Athletics is open to all athletes without regard to race, sex, religious affiliation or national origin.  Olathe Athletics will support athletes in reaching personal golals and build self-esteem.

Whether this is your first exposure to Track & Field or you're an experienced participant, Olathe Athletics coaches can help Athletes to enhance their skill level and move closer to their goals.

Olathe Athletics offers an experienced coaching staff and a family atmosphere for Athletes and parents.  For the safety of our Athletes, all Olathe Athletics Coaching staff submit to a national background check each year.

Olathe Athletics will:

  • Raise appreciation of Track & Field as a sport
  • Increase fitness levels of youth
  • Build confidence through accomplishment
  • Model positive characteristics of good sportsmanship and academic achievement
  • Teach the importanct of goal-setting and personal accomplishment

Mission Statement